To tirelessly work for the upliftment and re-habilitation of Persons with Disabilities and Children with Special Needs , and to gather maximum number of Pwd's under one roof for their educational/vocational training and show them the path to live a dignified life by providing them livelihood in one way or the other.
To provide vocational training to girl child especially belonging S/C,/ OBC and other minority Communities in order to ensure their smooth livelihood and minimal dependency on others.
To study, evaluate, and evolve strategies and projects for rural development.
To undertake innovative and experimental welfare projects in rural areas with the focus on upliftment of disadvantaged sections of society.
Promoting health related activities and Health Awareness among the people for the benefits of the region.
Co ordination with government and other Non Govt. Dept/ Organizations for the programs related to Education which benefits the people residing at remotest areas of state.
To promote international brotherhood and also to promote and undertake Sports and Cultural Activities.
To involve people in the development activities and work for the strengthening of the society.
To work in the fields of Agriculture, Horticulture, Forestry, Industry, Environment Conservation, Technology, Health, Literacy, Education, Tourism etc. In the interest of the people the society and the state. To undertake and execute plans, projects and launch training and awakening programs concerning these and other relevant matters and subjects.
To work for social welfare eradications of social evils like Dowry, Casteism, Women empowerment and gender equality etc and to promote social and communal harmony.
To develop area of mutual co operation and understanding among different voluntary organization and other Govt./Non Govt organization working for similar causes in India and elsewhere.

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