To preserve and conserve the Himalayan Primary Bio-diversity and natural resources.
Conservation, Enhancement and utilization of Forests and their resources.
Promotion of Agro-forestry and Horticulture in Rural areas.
To facilitate employment generation through land development and other allied land based and related activities including plantations.
To promote increasing national understanding amongst youth.
To organize activities for the preservation of culture heritage especially of the rural areas.
To work for the improvement socio-economic status of the poor and illiterate backward population.
To work for the rights, equal opportunities and social justice to persons with disabilities, to provide education to the handicapped children and enable them to face life with courage, confidence and dignity.
To develop high quality Horticulture Farms in identified belts and make such area vibrant with Horticulture activity which in turn will act as hubs for developing Commercial Horticulture.
Development of Biological and other innervations for pollution prevention and control including waste recycling.
To create Environment awareness among children’s.
Afforestation of degraded forest and non forest wasteland.
Encouraging primarily people participation through community organization and capacity building.
Conservation of Medicinal plant and their sustainable utilization.
Planting and sowing of multi-purpose trees, Shrubs, Grasses.
To develop awareness regarding the importance of sports for all round development of an individual.
To inspire youth to set up their own training centers in their areas.
To create new skills among rural youth through which villages can become self-reliant.
To provide facilities for development rural sports at grass-root level.
To enlarge the scope of Vocational and Professional opportunities, income generation and gainful occupations.
To work to provide improved medical services to rural and high density sum population in the state.
To adopt an area intensive approach to integrate the existing efforts to provide Formal and Non-formal schooling, Adult education and upgradation of education through condensed courses and vocational trainings.
Mobilizing women in small viable groups and making facilities available through training and access to credit.
Enabling groups of women to take up employment-cum-income generation programmes of their own.
To promote primary need of shelter, food clothing and care to the marginalized women/ girls living in difficult circumstances who are without any social and economic support.
To provide emotional support and counseling to such womens.
To create awareness and educating the people about the ill effects of alcoholism and substance abuse on the individuals, the mainly about the society at large.
To increase community participation and public cooperation in the reduction of demand for dependence producing substances.
To undertake research and evaluation studies in the field of consumer welfare.
To identify the practical problems faced by the consumer.
To provide educational infrastructure and facilities in the areas of concentration of educationally backward minorities, which do not have adequate provision for elementary and secondary education.
To provide education to the handicapped children’s, and to enable them to face life with courage and confidence.

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